A lack of human connection is one of the top reasons someone decides to stay or leave a job. What are you doing to keep your employees happy? 


The competition for talent is just getting started.
Pay and benefits are only a small piece of the pie. Culture is king, giving you checkmate over your competition—if you do it right.

The Cycle of Engaged Employees

The Cycle of Engaged Employees

Our Method

When it comes to creating a positive workplace culture, many businesses aren't sure where to start. That's where we come in as the connection specialists. 

We believe that the human aspect of human resources is key. So, before we even walk in the door, we've already had several conversations about your company's specific problem areas and have a detailed, actionable plan custom designed for you and your team. 

Whether you have time for our proven Half-Day Workshops, a Keynote for an event or a one-on-one coaching session, you'll walk away with actionable insights that will transform your team, your culture, and the work experience.


Resources to Use Now

You've heard it all.
"This is the best way to increase employee engagement in just 30 days!" "The key to positive interactions with your employees is by spending 4 hours a week on personal traits." 
"The best managers do this. Or this. But definitely this... which I teach in my new book! Buy it now! (Please?)" 
You're past all that. 

What you actually need is an action plan with practical tools. that you can start implementing now... before any professionals even try to walk in the door. Well, we have them. And they're (mostly) free. Check them out now.

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About Ben 

Within a work culture, everyone works off of assumptions and a framework that they’ve created with their own years of education, individual opportunities and personal experiences. With so many unique frameworks, there is a high chance for misunderstandings, miscommunications and mistrust.

As a connection specialist, Ben helps your team get past that. His surprising background is in the world of entertainment, specifically live stunt performances. He saw firsthand how individuals who didn’t get along were able to move past personal differences in order to allow the show to succeed.

After making the transition from entertainment to speaking, he was inspired to create tools that helped individuals build shared experiences and frameworks. And by using them, your team is given the opportunity to connect with both the work they’re doing as well as the teams they’re on.

With almost a decade of focus on the subject, Ben is a master at transforming conversations into meaningful connections.